7 Best Tattoo Shops in San Jose, CA

Having a tattoo is indeed a representation of your affection towards something. Tattoo stores in San Jose, CA, have been a treat to many people, for what’s worth. If you are also hoping to get your first tattoo, then this is where you should exactly be. Here is a list of Top 7 Tattoo Shops in San Jose handpicked for you.

List of San Jose’s 7 Best-Rated Tattoo Places

1. Players Ink

7 Best Tattoo Shops in San Jose - Players Ink
Players Ink. Source: www.facebook.com/playersinksj/
USPThe Busiest Tattoo Shop in San Jose With 5 Full-Time Artists
PRODUCT/SERVICESTattoo, Body Piercing, Realistic Tattoo, Bright Colour Tattoo, Art, Portraits, Sleeves, Full Body Art, Freestyle, Traditional, Walk-Ins, Parking Lot, Free Wi-Fi, Card Payments Accepted, Gender Neutral Restrooms
OPERATIONAL HOURSMonday to Saturday – 12:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Sunday – 12:00 pm – 08:00 pm
ADDRESS518 W. San Carlos St. San Jose, CA 95126, United States

Your hunt for Walk-in tattoo shops in San Jose, California, comes to the very end here only. Players Ink came into existence in 1998 and has been one of the finest and biggest in San Jose. With 5 Full-Time Artists specializing in one art form each, you can be sure that your work is done by a master. As for the record, each professional inside has at least five years of working experience.

Players Ink was recognized as the Number One Tattoo Shop in San Jose by the Metro Newspaper and has every right to be the best tattoo parlor in San Jose. Apart from Realistic &Bright Coloured Tattoos, you are offered body piercings. Septum, Belly-Button, or anything; just come and state your need. When you step inside, you see a clean, safe, and friendly environment where all you have is an ART displayed.


“I have never seen a tattoo artist as good as Adrian. He doesn’t only have the hands of an expert but a brain of a master. He got me through the whole process first up. Telling me about the pain points was a heads up. It was my first time. Turns out, it wasn’t as big a deal as I thought. All thanks to Adrian. I got my daughter’s name on my forearm. Lily is her name. Lily loved your work, Adrian. Thanks!”
– Dave Kudrov

2. San Jose Tattoo

San Jose Tattoo - San Jose Tattoo
San Jose Tattoo, Source: http://www.sanjosetattoo.net/
USPThe Oldest & The Most Reliable Tattoo Shop in San Jose
PRODUCT/SERVICESTattoos, Portrait, Sleeves, Forearms, Traditional Tattoo, Hospital Type Sterilization, Cheap Tattoos, Quotes, Clipart, Colourful Tattoo, Parking, Street Area
OPERATIONAL HOURSMonday – 01:00 pm – 07:00 pm
Tuesday to Saturday – 01:00 pm – 08:00 pm
Sunday – Closed
ADDRESS1924 W. San Carlos St. San Jose, CA 95128, United States
EMAIL(Inquiries on Call)

San Jose Tattoo has been serving the people of San Jose since 1978, and not just ordinary people. This is the place where celebrities like Kelby Ray, Chris Ferrara, and Anthony Heald got inked. Being one of the oldest in the Bay Area with tattoo artists holding more than 60 years of work experience, this Top-rated tattoo shop has the award-winning ‘The Tattoo John’s services at your disposal. This solely depicts the excellence of the work that is offered here.

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As for the prices and appointments, there is everything that suits your budget and time. It all starts from a bare minimum of only $60, making it an affordable tattoo shop for young lads. Appointments do not take you on a stroll for months on the beach. You simply come in here, get scheduled, and you are next in the line before you know. The X-Factor of this good tattoo place is its hospital-type sterilization practice and usage of new needles every single time.


“One of the finest tattoo places open in San Jose. If I ever have to rank it, I would keep this on the top of my list with 5 stars. San Jose Tattoo studio is one of the good tattoo shops currently operating. I have been visiting here for three years. I got two of them in such a short time. A big shoutout to John. He is the real inspiration and crafter of my ideas. If you guys have a faded idea, do narrate it to John. He does the real job of making it real.”
– Tommy Lashley

3. State of Grace

7 Best Tattoo Shops in San Jose - State of Grace
State of Grace, Source: https://stateofgracetattoo.com/
USPYour One Sure-Spot For Traditional Japanese Tattoos
PRODUCT/SERVICESTattoo, Japanese Tattoo, Eyebrows, Traditional Tattoos, Apparel, Online Order, Portraits, American Style, Symbol, Sleeve, Lettering, Realism, Black & Grey, Birds Pictures, Parking, Gender Neutral, Restrooms
Tuesday to Sunday – 11:00 am – 07:00 pm
ADDRESS221 Jackson, San Jose, CA 95112, United States
EMAILstateofgracetattoo@gmail.com (Tattoo Inquiries)
stateofgraceorders@gmail.com (Orders Inquiries)

Established in 2002, State of Grace has been where traditional tattoos are highly valued and excellently delivered. The policies of this top-rated tattoo shop are strict to the very core. Here’s a glance- Minors aren’t tattooed under any circumstances. If you come under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you are not entertained. Please be sure of the deposits you are paying, as these are non-refundable.

You can find the owner Taki standing at the front to promote traditional Japanese Culture and its values through art. Plus, he only employs the experts in the field, such as Horitomo tattoo artist& Mike Suarez. Besides tattoos, you are offered apparel of fine print that can be ordered online. Stepping inside this place lets you in an environment where your requirements are first heard, tailored, and perfectly delivered. Make sure you are taking appointments as walk-ins are rarely entertained.

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“Let me tell you one thing obvious, guys. Tyler has got to be the man if you are thinking of getting your first tattoo ever. I mean not just for the artistry he possesses but for the patience he is filled with. I asked questions repeatedly and even shouted by the end while I was getting inked, but he was the one who made sure I was still comfortable at all times. I mean, it is hard to explain, but he is the real man for the job. Ask for him, narrate your idea and get the best tattoo done.”
– Shirley Broad

4. MARS Ink Tattoo Studio

7 Best Tattoo Shops in San Jose - MARS Ink Tattoo Studio
MARS Ink Tattoo Studio, Source: www.facebook.com/marsinktattooSJ/
USPYour Reliable Place For Custom Drawn Tattoos
PRODUCT/SERVICESTattoos, Fine Line, Black & Grey, Traditional, Color, Polynesian, Neo-Traditional, Fantasy, Cartoon, Cover-Up Tattoos, Realism, Modern School Techniques, Appointment Online, Gift Cards, Online Store, Coloured, Whip-shading, Geometric Style, Free Wi-Fi
OPERATIONAL HOURSMonday, Saturday, & Sunday – Closed
Tuesday to Friday – 12:00 pm – 05:00 pm
ADDRESS1884 W. San Carlos, St. San Jose, CA 95128, United States
PHONE669-342-7101 (Direct Line)
408-508-9130 (Texts)

In Feb 2016, Mike and Cynthia together established Mars Ink Tattoo Studio. What was once a dream soon became a reality and is now one of the best tattoo shops in San Jose. Cynthia was always about breaking the stereotypes related to tattoos and people having them. To this point, she has done a great job. Mike specializes in colorwork, whip, and geometric styles. When it comes to the services offered, Mars Ink aces in this segment. All your queries are first listened to, your stories entertained, your fear of getting inked removed, and expectations are exceeded.

Things to Remember: This tattoo studio is not a place for fingers, faces, hands, and neck tattoos. To no one’s surprise, the policies at this highest-rated tattoo shop are stern, and there are no exceptions to them under any circumstance. Minors are not inked, only appointments are preferred, there is no tattoo without a valid ID, and no guests are entertained. While this may sound harsh, the work is absolutely astounding and smooth.


“All I can say is Mars Ink Tattoo Studio is the best of the best in this business. This place has no substitute from the store to the artist, from cleaning to communication, and from the servicing to customer satisfaction. Mike here is phenomenal. A gem of a person who knows what the client needs in the first go. Make sure you take your ID with you. This place doesn’t even point the pen without that.”
– Katherina Marin

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5. Soul Imagez Tattoo

7 Best Tattoo Shops in San Jose - Soul Imagez Tattoo
Soul Imagez Tattoo, Source: www.facebook.com/soulimagez
USPExperience A Blend of Integral Old School Values and Modern Safety Measures
PRODUCT/SERVICESTattoo, Permanent Cosmetic&Makeup, Eyebrow, Portrait, Quote, Forearm Tattoo, Black & Grey, Private Rooms, Walk-ins, Appointments, Piercing, Colourful Tattoos, Microblading, Microshading
Tuesday to Friday- 10:00 am – 05:00 pm
Saturday-Sunday – 11:00 am – 05:00 pm
ADDRESS2298 S Bascom Ave. Campbell, CA 95008, United States

When Soul Imagez Tattoo opened its doors in 2011, nobody knew it would become a hit in San Jose. As it turns out, this is currently one of the best-rated tattoo shops. Being a family-owned place, the shop’s co-owners, Melanie and Joshua, know precisely how to make you feel at home. Promising a quality that doesn’t deviate from the excellence throughout your visit, Soul Imagez has got a lot in the baggage, including the fact that it is one of the cheap tattoo shops in San Jose, CA.

To begin with, your multiple repetitive questions, big or small, detailed or basic, everything is patiently handled. As mentioned above, you are offered a combination of old-school values and modern safety methods. One thing to notice before you enter this tattoo studio is its walk-in policy. Walk-ins are allowed during the weekend, and little to no drawing is preferred. In case you have a miniature to draw, hop on the door early during the day.


“This local tattoo shop was recommended by my friend Ken. He has been going here for about two years now. He told me this is the best place in San Jose. As it turns out, Ken was and is absolutely right. Soul Imagez is the best tattoo studio. The rates are super affordable, and the quality of work is supreme. For all that I know, my one-hour drive was a great one, with Joshua inking my forearm. Big shoutout to you, Joshua. 10 on 10 for the work.”
– Nick Anderson

6. Humble Beginnings Tattoo

7 Best Tattoo Shops in San Jose - Humble Beginnings Tattoo
Humble Beginnings Tattoo, Source: www.humblebeginningstattoo.com/
USPA Tattoo Shop with Every Bit of Knowledge for Your Custom Tattoo
PRODUCT/SERVICESTattoo Art, Custom Tattoos, Tahitian Design, Polynesian Tattoo Art, Body Tattoo, Full Body Tattoo, Portrait, Coloured Tattoo, Life Drawing, Realism, Black & White, Arm, Forearm, Shoulder Tattoo, Object Drawing, Online Payments, Apple Pay. Bike Parking, Appointments
Monday to Saturday – 12:00 pm – 07:00 pm
Sunday – Closed

For Walnut Creek:
Tuesday to Saturday – 10:00 am – 08:00 pm
Monday & Sunday – Closed
ADDRESS982 The Alameda, San Jose, CA 95126, United States
2241 North Main Street, Walnut Creek, CA 94596, United States
PHONE408-288-6814 (San Jose)925-448-8210 (Walnut Creek)

When shortlisting the best tattoo places in San Jose, Humble Beginnings Tattoo comes among the Top 5 contenders. When you look at this place, you see the faces of some of the best San Jose tattoo artists that have experience with all sorts of tattoo art. While the business puts the tattoo-by-appointment board upfront, you can still try your luck walk-ins as these are often welcomed.

Tattoo gurus sitting inside this place specialize in American Traditional Art, Illustrative Artistry, Semi-Permanent Tattoos, and Polynesian Tribal. What was once a single-standing tattoo store in 2002, Humble Beginnings Tattoo now has two locations set up for people; in San Jose and Walnut Creek. If you are a fan of The-Rock chest’s tattoo or anything like that, you should be booking an appointment here right now.


“The vibe at Humble Beginning is different from all other studios here in San Jose. I am a tattoo lover. I like to put my passion into art. I see it and get motivated. It was the third studio I tried, and man! I am going to tell you there is not going to be the fourth one. This place is absolutely amazing. Tattoo artists here are incredible at their job, especially Jeff. He is the best in the business. If you guys haven’t visited here yet, do it now.”
– KoleNova

7. Marks of Art Tattoo

7 Best Tattoo Shops in San Jose - Marks of Art Tattoo
Marks of Art Tattoo, Source: www.marksofartsj.com/
USPWalk Inside a Vivid Collection of Elegant Art and Excellent Artists
PRODUCT/SERVICESTattoo Art, Coloured Tattoo, Black &Grey, Dragon Tattoo, Life Tattoo, Coverup Tattoo, Color Tattoo, Lettering, Rework, Gender Neutral Restrooms, Wheelchair Accessibility, Bright, Arms, Complete Back Tattoo, Full Arm Tattoo, Realism, Walk-ins, Piercing, Permanent Makeup
OPERATIONAL HOURSMonday to Sunday – 11:00 am – 10:00 pm
ADDRESS3014 Union Ave. Suite A San Jose, CA 95124, United States

Here’s a treat for all those who were looking for tattoo shops open on Sunday. For more than 20 years now, Marks of Art Tattoo has been operating under the same owner and delivering the very result of excellence. What was established in 1994 with a couple of members is now a team of 5 extensively talented tattoo artists; all looking forward to portraying the tattoo of your dreams

Quality, Creativity, and Affordability are at their peak at this place. With a clean, nurturing, and sterile environment, you can leave all your doubts at home while entering the premises.  All you have to do is bring a design, or better yet, do not come preoccupied; realism tattoo artists at this place will carry something out on their own while talking to you. They also do rework on faded and worn-away tattoos. Additionally, this tattoo studio accepts only cash and their minimum tattoo fee is $100.


“All I have to say is there is no better than Mark in the tattooing department. I got my forearm inked with a slogan that I really wish to read every day. Mark was the one assigned to do the duty. I have only one word for this lad, “Incredible.” Nothing else could describe how mark’s work is. He is a complete professional, and he knows how to make the client comfortable, when to talk, when to correct, and when to ask for a break; he sees it through. Thanks, mate. Kudos to you. Also, 10 on 10 for this amazing tattoo place.”
-Daniel Weiss