7 Best BBQ Restaurants in San Antonio, TX

The goodness of San Antonio’s Barbeque places is not unknown in any part of the world. San Antonio has been home to a few of the best BBQ restaurants in the United States with its lip-smacking smoked and grilled barbecue menu. To save you from the confusion of choosing amongst the best, we have a list of Top 7 BBQ restaurants in San Antonio. 

List of San Antonio’s 7 Best Barbecue Restaurant

1. Augie’s BBQ Steakhouse

7 Best BBQ Restaurants in San Antonio - Augie's BBQ Steakhouse
USP Best Barbecue accompanied with homemade comfort foods and desserts
PRODUCT/SERVICES Dine-in, Takeout, CurbsidePickup, and Order Online

Alamo City:

Wednesday to Saturday- 11 am to 9 pm
Sunday- 12 pm to 7 pm
Monday, Tuesday- Closed

Barbed Wire:

Wednesday, Thursday- 11 am to 7 pm
Friday – 11 am to 9 pm
Saturday- 12 pm to 9 pm
Sunday- 12 pm to 7 pm
Monday, Tuesday- Closed

  • 909 Broadway, San Antonio, TX 78215, United States (Alamo City)
  • 3709 N St Mary’s St, San Antonio, TX 78212, United States (Barbed Wire)
  • 210-314-3596 (Alamo City)
  • 210-735-0088 (Barbed Wire)
EMAIL mysabbq@gmail.com
WEBSITE https://www.augiesbbq.com/

To let you have the authentic taste of Texas’ barbecue, we have Augie’s Alamo City BBQ Steakhouse first on our list. Augie’s have been smoking meat for over twenty years now, and no wonder they’ve mastered the art. They are a family-run cafeteria-like restaurant which is the first choice of every barbeque enthusiast in San Antonio because of their traditional taste.

They are now serving at two locations – Broadway and St. Mary’s, with their Broadway branch serving fresh breakfast as well. Apart from their succulent barbeque dishes, they are also known far and wide for their homemade comfort food and dessert. Their exclusive military discount as well contributes to making them the best local BBQ restaurant. 


“A beautiful place with great food. I took my cousin to the place, who was visiting from Georgia and he had never had such a barbecue before. I like the interior of the place as well. It is comforting and welcoming. If you are going for the first time, rib combos will be the best choice for you.”
– Alexis Samuel

2. The Barbeque Station

7 Best BBQ Restaurants in San Antonio - The Barbeque Station
USP Serve-yourself eatery with smoked meat and signature sides
PRODUCT/SERVICES Delivery, Takeout, Curbside pickup, Sit-down dining, Outdoor seating, Indoor dining

Monday to Saturday- 11 am to 6 pm (Dining Room is closed by 5 pm)
Sunday- Closed


1610 NE Loop 410, San Antonio, TX 78209, United States



EMAIL speacock@barbecuestation.com
WEBSITE https://www.barbecuestation.com/

The Barbeque Station is one of those great BBQ restaurants in San Antonio that serve the best classic wood-smoked meat. Formerly a filling station, this barbeque eatery serves only fresh dishes made every day from scratch. 

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It is a serve-yourself joint with an abundant variety on its menu to choose from. Sliced brisket, nest smoked turkey, pork ribs, and sausages are a few of its many best-selling classics. Everything on the menu is made using the best ingredients from Texas and is made from scratch to ensure that only fresh food is served.


“I was around the place for some work and had no plans to eat there, but the BBQ smoke knows how to pull you. The beef ribs and briskets were delicious. The staff was great as well, and they ensured that we felt welcomed. The place is a must-visit.”
– Sandra Miller

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3. Smoke Shack BBQ + Southern Kitchen

7 Best BBQ Restaurants in San Antonio - Smoke Shack BBQ + Southern Kitchen
USP A counter-service place with mouth-watering barbecue and sides
PRODUCT/SERVICES Sit-down dining, Outdoor seating, Indoor dining, Curbside Pickup, Catering

Monday to Saturday- 11 am to 9 pm
Sunday- 11 am to 5 pm


3714 Broadway, San Antonio, TX 78209, United States



EMAIL smokeshacksa@gmail.com
WEBSITE https://www.smokeshacksa.com/

If you ask any local person to take you to the best barbeque food place in the town, there are almost 100% chances that you’ll find yourself standing at Smoke Shack BBQ the next moment. The place has been a favorite because of the mouth-watering meat that it serves. It lets you enjoy the BBQ with a rustic, retro vibe.

The hospitality of the place is as good as its barbeque. All the orders are made on-demand and are therefore always served hot and fresh. From main-course to sides, their menu offers an insane range of variety. Some popular dishes include caramelized pork ribs, smoked turkey, potato salad, fried okra, and many more.


“Smoke Shack is my go-to place for all my brisket cravings. They serve the best briskets in the United States. Apart from that. I love their range of sides. Seasoned fries and potato salad are my absolute favorites. I’ve been visiting the place with family and friends for a long time now and will suggest it to everyone who is seeking good BBQ restaurants in San Antonio.”
– Rachel Herbert

4. B&B Smokehouse

7 Best BBQ Restaurants in San Antonio - B&B Smokehouse
USP A family-run barbecue joint serving handcrafted Texas BBQ.
PRODUCT/SERVICES Delivery, Takeout, Curbside pickup, Catering

Monday to Saturday- 11 am to 9 pm
Sunday- 11 am to 8 pm


2619 Pleasanton Rd, San Antonio, TX 78221, United States



WEBSITE https://bbsmokehouse.com/

Since its establishment in 1984, the love for this barbecue station has been passed on as a legacy in the families of San Antonio. B&B Smokehouse has been operating on a simple mission of serving the people of San Antonio with the best brisket in town, and they have always been successful in doing that. The recipe to their handcrafted Texas BBQ and the richly prepared sauces is the secret that every BBQ place is trying to discover.

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The menu has something for everyone, from a beef rib plate to the classic B&B Texas Hamburger or an American classic. Their high level of service and the friendly atmosphere are among the many reasons they are loved for. 


“B&B Smokehouse is one of the very few places that know how to make the perfect pulled pork. I almost thought that no place in SA could serve it right – lean, tender, and flavourful- but then I tried it at B&B and was amazed by the taste. The staff was great too. I loved how the old lady at the register knew the menu even with closed eyes.”
– Tyler William

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7 Best BBQ Restaurants in San Antonio - THE ORIGINAL RUDY’S BBQ – LEON SPRINGS
USP A cafeteria-style restaurant serving the best briskets and ribs
PRODUCT/SERVICES Dine-in, Takeaway, and Delivery

Monday to Thursday, Sunday–7:00 am to 9:00 pm
Friday, Saturday- 7:00 am to 10:00 pm


24152 I-H 10 West San Antonio, Texas 78257, United States



EMAIL marketing@rudys.com
WEBSITE https://www.leonspringsbbq.com/

Leon Springs BBQ, more popularly known as Rudy’s Country Store, is the staple when it comes to BBQ in San Antonio. The place is known for serving the “Real Texas Barbecue.” This family-dining barbeque restaurant serves its customers with appetizing lunch, dinner, and group meals. Due to their high demand, the place is always bustling with people, especially during the rush hours. 

Texas smoked sausage, grilled chicken St. Louis ribs, brisket, and smoked turkey are the classic servings from the place. Their cream corn is known far and wide for its richness and soul-soothing taste. The delicacies they offer are as good as the homemade ones, and so is the quality of the ingredients used. The BBQ joint also offers an exclusive discount to the people in the military to honor their service to the country.


“I had the best turkey of my life at Leon Springs BBQ. I loved almost everything that I ordered, but the turkey stole the show. The place had an old country vibe which worked great for me. Apart from the taste, I was also happy with the quantity of the servings. While I mention my favorites from the place, I cannot skip creamy corn and sweet tea, of course.”
– Jason Braxton

6. Blanco BBQ

7 Best BBQ Restaurants in San Antonio - Blanco BBQ
USP Serving the traditionally flavored turkey in a rustic and pleasing environment
PRODUCT/SERVICES Delivery, Takeout, CurbsidePickup, Outdoor Seating, Indoor Dining

Breakfast (Drive-Thru Only):

Monday to Friday- 6 am – 10:30 am
Saturday-Sunday -Closed

Lunch & Dinner (Drive-Thru Hours):

Sunday to Thursday – 10 am to 9 pm
Friday to Saturday – 10 am to 10 pm
Sunday -Closed

Lunch & Dinner (Dining Room &Curbside Hours):

Sunday to Thursday – 11 am to 9 pm
Friday to Saturday – 11 am to 10 pm
Sunday -Closed


13529 Blanco Rd, San Antonio, TX 78216, United States



EMAIL catering@BlancoBBQ.com
WEBSITE https://blancobbq.com/
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If you are looking for a barbecue restaurant that is more like a retreat, your search concludes at Blanco BBQ. The place serves authentic meat smoked with Texas oak and pecan wood. Their ingredients are hand-picked, and there are specific spice rubs for every meat. It was established in 2013 and has been loved ever since. They slow cook their turkey for over 8 hours, ensuring it is juicy, tender, and precisely the way it should be.

The rustic vibe of the place with its outdoor patio set under the majestic oaks adds to the beauty of the experience. The customers are also often found dancing to the live music as they enjoy their scrumptious barbecue meals. The kids also love the family dining barbecue place for its playscape area.


“I tried Blanco’s for the first time when I went there recently on Father’s Day, but I loved the place in the instant. It is one of the best BBQ ribs restaurants I have visited. Though I had to wait 40mins due to the rush, it was worth it. We tried chicken strips and pork ribs and couldn’t decide which was better. The setting of the restaurant is also beautiful in itself.”
– Jennifer Sloan

7. The Big Bib BBQ

7 Best BBQ Restaurants in San Antonio -  The Big Bib BBQ
USP Meat smoked on aged oaks, and classic jazz music are the draws of the place.
PRODUCT/SERVICES Delivery, Takeout, CurbsidePickup, Drive-thru, Indoor Dining, and Catering

Sunday- 12 pm to 5 pm
Monday- Closed


104 Lanark Dr, San Antonio, TX 78218, United States



EMAIL ask@thebigbib.com
WEBSITE https://www.thebigbib.com/

As we save the best for the last, to satiate all your hunger pangs

here we have a great barbecue food place known as The Big Bib BBQ. What started at a car wash in 2000 is now a lavish full family dining restaurant that is often considered synonymous with Texas barbecue. It has many awards under its belt, including ‘The 100 Best Barbecue Restaurants in America‘ won in 2014 and ‘Blue Plate Award’ won for two consecutive years of 2016 and 2017.

The barbecue is cooked using mesquite wood and aged oak to help it retain the traditional barbecue’s taste and essence. The authenticity of their flavor lies in their special rub, which is made with a unique blend of herbs and spices. The place is also a full-fledged event center with a stage, a bar, sound system, and everything that can help enhance your barbecue experience. From individuals to organizations such as ESPN and the US Army, they have a versatile clientele, and each one of the clients is served alike with the best food and quality services.


“This place is my first choice when I have to take my family out for dinner. I go to many barbecue places at different times, but the tenderness in meat that I get here isn’t found anywhere else. They also have an amazing choice of sides. I love listening to classic jazz music as I enjoy my smoked meat.”
– Richard Stanley