7 Best Bike Shops in Austin, TX

Biking and cycling are the best hobbies for people who love adventure and activity. Whether you choose to bike on the road or the hills, the first thing you need is a fit bike and appropriate gears. In this article, we have curated a list of the top 7 bike shops in Austin for you to get exactly the bike you want. These Austin bike shops are ranked high among their clients. Read on to know more about them. 

List of Austin’s 7 Best-Rated Bike Shops

1. Bike Farm

7 Best Bike Shops in Austin - Bike Farm
Bike Farm, Sorce: https://www.facebook.com/austinbikefarm/
USP Affordable bike repairs and Bicycle store.
PRODUCTS/SERVICES Bike Repair, Bike Tune-Up, Basic Bike Upgrades, Bike Complete Overhaul, Box Builds, Delivery Fleet Management, Sell and Trade
OPERATIONAL HOURS Monday -Friday –10am-7pm
Saturday- 10am-5pm
ADDRESS 5440 Burnet Rd, 78756,Austin, TX, UnitedS
PHONE 512-419-1911, 512-401-3547
EMAIL austinbikefarm@gmail.com, bikefarmservice@gmail.com
WEBSITE https://www.austinbikefarm.com/

One of the best bike dealers in Austin, bike farm is open to serve your needs. The bike farm is a trader in both new and used bikes. You can walk in with a valid Texas Driver’s License in person, and an estimate can be made with the bike in hand. The trading at this bike store ensures fair deals; hence it may take some time. 

The good thing about the shop is that instant actions are taken. No appointments are required for visits to thebike shop open on all weekdays except Sunday. Further, from basic parts to repairs and rentals, all are taken care of. If you want to look at what they offer, safe outdoor browsing is provided, keeping in mind the covid times. So you can just check their services and proceed accordingly. 


“I was quite anxious about the right kind of bike for me. I recently started road biking and got injured twice. My bike needed repair, and I needed a bike that was a good fit for my lifestyle. I met Willie at the Bike Farm in Austin, and he helped me through it. Not only my bike got repaired he made sure it was comfortable for me. Bike farm is a local gem!”
Megan Wagner

2. Trek Bicycle Research

7 Best Bike Shops in Austin - Trek Bicycle Research
Trek Bicycle Research, Source: https://www.trekbikes.com/us/en_US/retail/research/
USP Offers everything from road bikes to mountain bikes and Electra bikes. 
PRODUCTS/SERVICES  Shop-in for New and Used Bikes, Repair, Sell, Trade, Road Bikes, Mountain Bikes, Hybrid Bikes, Electric Bikes, Electra Bikes, Men’s Bikes, Women’s Bikes, Kid’s Bike Trade-Up, Equipment, Apparel, Shop Online. 
OPERATIONAL HOURS Monday- Saturday- 10am-6pm
Sunday- 11 am-5pm
ADDRESS 10947, Research Blvd, Austin, Texas, 78759, United States
PHONE 512-345-7460
EMAIL j.burke@trekbikes.com
WEBSITE https://www.trekbikes.com/us/en_US/retail/research/

Another local bike shop in Austin, Trek Bicycle, is a dream of some small-town people. It started way back in 1976, in a Wisconsin barn. It was a small shop around then, but the founders always had their eyes on something big. It has been forty-four years, and the mission of this BMX bike shop is unchanged. It wants to make the world a better place to ride and live. 

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The bike shop claims to build only the products which they feel close to heart. Trek Bicycle is a bike repair shop that offers excellent hospitability and valuable advice for each section of riders. Men, women, and kids’ biking needs are separately taken care of. The shop provides every kind of bike, from simple road ones to mountain bikes and Electra ones. They are on the way to build a sustainable world by getting more people on a bike. 


“I am impressed by the advice given to me by Tati Koufopanteli and her team. I have started mountain biking and was looking for that perfect bike. Trek bicycle came to my rescue, and I got the perfect fit and comfortability. Truly outstanding facility. I will be returning to them for all my biking supplies and repair needs.”
Jenifer Lundberg

3. Cycleast 

7 Best Bike Shops in Austin - Cycleast 
Cycleast, Source: https://cycleast.com/
USP On-site repairs, tune-ups, rides, and events for adventurous people. 
PRODUCTS/SERVICES Shop-in, Bike Repair, Bike Trade, Rides, and Events.
OPERATIONAL HOURS Wednesday- Saturday- 7am-7pm
Sunday & Monday- 7am-7pm
Tuesday- Closed
ADDRESS 1619 E Cesar, Chavez St, Austin, Texas, United States
PHONE 512-585-6398
EMAIL cycleast@cycleast.com
WEBSITE https://cycleast.com

Cycleast is a bike shop in Austin that offers the broadest range of products within its facilities. The bike shop is ready to provide any brand you ask them for. The facility is open for the full-service needs of its clients. Apart from on-site repairs, the shop offers tune-ups and bike parts too. For biking enthusiasts, this is a place they would want to go for long-term services.

One can visit the shop anytime as a prior appointment is not required. For fun and adventures, bikers can visit the shop and look for upcoming rides and events like mountain bike camping. You can also look at their website for booking a slot, and then you are good to go. 


“Whenever I visit this Bicycle store, Russell and his team always welcome me with a smile. They are very skilled and helpful in repairs and gear recommendations. They know exactly what is the right thing to offer. I got major replacements on my bike, and these guys made it even better. The bike is ready now to take me places. They did the work on time, and the quality was top-notch too. I recommend them for the bikers who want perfection.”
Kristi Jamieson

4. Clown Dog Bikes

7 Best Bike Shops in Austin - Clown Dog Bikes
Clown Dog Bikes, Source: https://www.clowndogbikes.com/
USP Bike upgrades and replacements.
PRODUCTS/SERVICES Deluxe Tune-Up, Basic Tune-Up, Single Speed Tune Up, Brakes, Wheels, Drive Train, Front End, Fork
OPERATIONAL HOURS Monday – Friday- 10am to 5pm
Saturday- 10am – 4pm
ADDRESS 2821 San Jacinto Blvd, Austin, TX, 78705, United States 
PHONE 512-477-4221
EMAIL clowndogbikes@gmail.com
WEBSITE https://www.clowndogbikes.com/

Clown dog bike shop is a small establishment that offers bicycle sales and services. They are the best bike dealers for repairs at an affordable price. The shop is known for its skilled staff. They treat their customers and their bikes with utmost responsibility. It’s been almost twenty years since this shop started its services and it has made a name for itself. The mechanics here are experienced in biking and services for over 50 years as a mountain bike shop.

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The services they offer range from broken bike parts replacement to the complete bike overhaul. They have a policy where returns on bikes or helmets are not acceptable. They care about their clients and will never offer wrong advice or sell unnecessary repairs. If you want to know about the requirements in your bike needed to gear up its safety, you can visit anytime at this bike repair shop,and they will detail you no matter how much time it takes.    


“I went in with a flat tire, and Scott at Clowns Dog helped me. He worked on my bicycle and advised me how to get flashing light reflectors installed for my safety. Everyone was courteous and skillful at the facility. It is a local gem at Austin for all my bike needs. They know what to suggest and don’t sell unnecessary repairs.” 
Carla Smith

5. The Peddler Bicycle Shop- Hyde Park

7 Best Bike Shops in Austin - The Peddler Bicycle Shop- Hyde Park
The Peddler Bicycle Shop- Hyde Park, Source: https://www.facebook.com/PeddlerBrushyCreek/
USP Run by Eco- friendly people, facilitates commuting by picking up the used or reconditioned bike from here. 

Bicycle Repairs, Replacement Parts, Bike Upgrades, New Bike Builds, 

OPERATIONAL HOURS Monday- Saturday- 10am-5pm
Sunday- Closed
ADDRESS 5015 Duval St, Austin, TX, 78751, United States
PHONE 512-220-6766
EMAIL peddlerbikes@gmail.com
WEBSITE https://www.peddlerbike.com/austin-bike-shop/

The Peddler Bicycle Shop has got the tag of being the best. The shop has highly experienced mechanics who let you know your needs and cater accordingly. They offer a full repair shop where even the completely broken ones are turned into model bikes. If something is not available at the shop, they send it to a certified Shock Treatment Center. You may not be sure about what your bike needs, but the mechanics at this mountain bike shopoffer free estimates for both repair and re-modeling. 

Apart from bike repair and modeling, the shop prides itself in taking adventure group tours for the love of biking. You can join their group rides in Austin. For further info, their Facebook page will detail special rides and events. Since biking is a dangerous hobby, advice on safety gear is also provided at this BMX Bike shop. This is a cycle store open on all weekdays.


“AJ Camp was very helpful as I was able to purchase my first mountain bike with his advice. He suggested a few modifications for the safety and perfect fit. When I first started biking, I was anxious about speed and balance on the hilly terrains. But AJ Camp and his team helped me get safety gear along with a perfect bike.”
Erin Pop

6. Eastside Peddle Pushers

7 Best Bike Shops in Austin - Eastside Peddle Pushers
Eastside Peddle Pushers, Source: https://www.facebook.com/EastSidePedalPushers/
USP Run by Eco- friendly people, facilitates commuting by picking up the used or reconditioned bike from here. 

Bike Repairs, Bike Tune-ups, Bike trade.


Monday- Saturday- 10am-7pm
Sunday- 11am-4pm

ADDRESS 4607 Bolm Rd Suite B, Austin, TX 78702, United States
PHONE 512-826-3414




The Eastside Peddle Pushers are full-service local bike dealers providing the best services around Austin. Keeping a focus on touring, the bike shop has a mission of spreading bike enthusiasm around the town. This is what its owner Lee Gresham’s life is all about. He did a bike tour and wanted to share it with the world by opening a mountain bike shop. The first bike shop was established in 2002. Over the years, it has provided total satisfaction to its biking clients. 

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Mechanics at this bike repair shop know every kind of bike need. Be it old, new, or vintage, they repair and also do a complete overhaul. Once you visit the bike shop open on all weekdays, they will let you know if the bike will go rolling by just some replacements or a tune-up will offer the best value. You can bring your bike in person, and they will give accurate estimates free of cost at this cycle store.


“All the staff at eastside peddle pushers are great. From entry to dealing with your bike needs, they offer great advice. They are like mechanics plus bikers. They all know what goes in for a great biking experience. Chalo is the best one though, he receives me every time I go there, and I just leave my bike in his hands. I get it perfectly repaired every time at this local bicycle store.”
Kelly Biggs

7. Texas Cycle Werks

7 Best Bike Shops in Austin - Texas Cycle Werks
Texas Cycle Werks, Source:https://www.texascyclewerks.com/
USP A bicycle store offering bike repair and sale.
PRODUCTS/SERVICES Bike Trade, Bike Repairs, Accessories, Safety Gears
OPERATIONAL HOURS Monday- Friday: 10am-6pm
Saturday: 9am-3pm
Sunday: Closed
ADDRESS 5446 W Hwy. 290 #106, Austin TX, 78735, United States
PHONE 512-892-2453


WEBSITE https://www.texascyclewerks.com/#home

The Texas cycle werks is a small establishment that does bike repairs. The bike dealers here are bikers themselves. The shop is owned and operated by the best cyclists around Austin. They carry a legacy of providing various bicycles at affordable prices. Be it mountain, road, triathlon, or hybrid, every kind of bike is offered at this bike shop, along with suitable accessories.

If you wish to visit the shop, you may do so without needing any prior appointments. The technicians at this mountain bike shop are experienced and certified. The certifications they hold are from manufacturers like Fox, Shimano, SRAM, and Rock shox. Apart from bike, you will find the outfit to ride. Bicycles are available in brands like Intense, Bianchi. The bike shop open in Austin has a racing team, too, with talents.


“The staff at this shop is quite professional and skilled. I went for a bike repair twice, and they provided a solution for the fit and safety. Zack is the best bike technician at the shop. He is himself a rider and knows the right gears for a bike ride. He is very efficient, quick, and helpful. I am returning to this local bicycle shop for all my biking needs.”
Mike Moore

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